Helsinki here we come!

So, 28. Jun 15 | By More

With the last public appearance in Switzerland at the Solothurn club championships, the athletic preparations have been completed.

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Compact package for our climbing cube on the road.

Compact package for our climbing cube on the road.

In organizational terms, all preparations are done as well. The last thing open is to pack. The climbing cube is already separated into its pieces and packed inside the custom transport case. It will be loaded onto the trucks by July 3rd, which have been organized by the STV. In the following days, the cube safely arrives at Helsinki.

A few days later, on July 9th, also our personal luggage needs to be packed. Using several flights, we will arrive late at night in Helsinki and are looking for our sleeping place in a classroom.

Some of what we will see and experience in the succeeding days, will end up as a short story on these pages. Doing so, we hope that those at home can pick up some of the atmosphere of a Gymnaestrada.

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